Migrating to PAD from APK expansion files (OBBs)

Migrating to PAD from APK expansion files (OBBs)

Get started with Play Asset Delivery and choose between serving all your game assets upfront, as part of the initial game installation, or using Fast-Follow, and have your game assets downloaded in the background, while letting your users into the game sooner, even before the download has finished.

Try it now → http://g.co/play/assetdelivery

Guide → https://goo.gle/3fcdSW3
Codelab → https://goo.gle/31iGk0r

Unreal Engine:
Guide → https://goo.gle/3rh8iEo

Other engines the uses Gradle:
Guide → https://goo.gle/3w1ocq4

Catch more on Play Asset Delivery here → http://goo.gle/PlayAssetDelivery
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