Meet The AR Try-On Technology Disrupting the Shopping Experience

On a mission to break online shopping barriers Wannaby, an AR commerce company, made headlines at the beginning of 2019 with their AR platform. Bragging state of the art computer vision and rendering, Wannaby’s technology allowed consumers to Try-On shoes, jewellery and apparel before making a purchase.

Disrupting the shopping experience the platform comes with great perks for both retailers and e-commerce. Online, stores will most likely experience increased conversions and reduced return rates when they allow their customers to visualise products in real life. Those with brick and mortar shops will benefit from improved brand image, awareness and recognition and increased customer engagement.

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Technically, the technology can track and annotate the user’s hands and body. It can render complex objects in various environments, all the while transferring natural colours, texture and lighting. When it comes to making a user’s AR-experience more realistic, Wannaby has found a way of running neural networks in real time on mobile devices, advancing algorithm performance to human perception and leveraging hand-crafted unique data sets.

Bringing AR Try-On technologies into the hands of consumers, Wannaby has introduced projects Wanna Kicks, which is all about next-generation footwear. With Gen Z appeal, it gives everyone the opportunity to shop footwear in AR. Another project is Wanna Nails. It gives you a chance to virtually try-on nail polish. I quite like the idea of real-time recolouring. Lastly, there is jewellery. They have come up with a way for AR to radically change interactions between product and user by allowing a customer to develop a more profound sense of connection with a brand through trying on virtually. With their projects proving that AR could become a shopping norm, how can you not be excited?

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